From the recordings JJ vs the Digital Whale, C, and 20/20

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JJ VS THE DIGITAL WHALE is a classic rock concept album in the style of Pink Floyd's "Animals" or Flaming Lips' "Yoshimi." It tells the ancient story of Jonah and the Whale through a modern lens. Jonah becomes "JJ," while the whale is portrayed as the constant barrage of electronics, media, and technology which surround us all. Through this device, the narrative transcends its roots in Christian, Jewish and Islamic culture and offers new perspective on connections in our disconnected world. Listen now at:

LOUIS LANDRY has been writing, recording, performing and teaching professionally in the Southeast U.S. for 10 years, and in Durham for 3. He is best known locally as a teacher at High Strung Music, and the drummer for Curtis Eller's American Circus. A jack-of-all-trades who plays over 30 instruments, his 4th indie album finds him joyfully exploring new & old ways of integrating narrative & form, cutting edge digital technology, traditional Appalachian music, and whale songs. The album is being released digitally, in conjunction with the concert premiere, at


I know a guy with something to say
I know a guy who thinks in waves
I know a guy who spent his youth
Living & loving & learning the truth
A hesitant prophet for the digital age
By the name of JJ

I know a child, 5 years old
With his barefeet he runs for the road
I know a child who seems naive
But every cell is a galaxy
The world tried to teach him how to be a slave
So he shutdown due 2 digital dismayyy

I know a man who I don't wanna be
A lonely old man who's lost at sea
He set a course for the sun in the east
And ended up in the belly of the beast
Now he's just driftin' with nothin' to say
A washed up prophet by the name of JJ