Voices in the Trees

Louis Landry

This is LL's "Lost" album, spanning four phases of his career. The songs were started around 2000-2003 ("All We Want is Your Money" was first performed live by Phantom Power in Blacksburg, Va), and recordings started in earnest in Richmond around 2003. At that point "Beautiful Design" and "Clouds in Our Eyes" had been performed by Escalator, and the remaining 5 tracks had yet to be played live. A financial plan was created to record and release the full album but ultimately fell through. The recordings sat about 85% finished for a few years while LL spent time in the Austin music scene. Some slow progress was made, such as The Hendersons harmonizing on a re-recording of "Where Your Mind Goes." But other projects and one particularly ill-timed accidental data erasure kept the project shelved. In 2006 Partyboobytrap revived "WYMG," "AWWIYM" and "Indefinite," and the short lived LL & Friends later worked up "Everything I Have Belongs to Everyone." In North Carolina in 2017, LL began reworking the material, blending some new recordings with key elements of the album as envisioned in 2003. The result is an intricate portrait of a singer/songwriter over a 15 year/5 band period. The first official edition contains the 8 original songs. The digital edition contains additional tracks considered for the album, plus alternate versions of album cuts, including a live solo version of "The Only Trick" from Austin's now-defunct Ruta Maya. Cover Photography by Erika Teguns. Featuring The Hendersen Sisters, Josh Dossett, Shaun Dickerson, Trey Pollard, James Seretis, Wiley Seeger, Alex MacCallum, Kenneth Gilbert, Chris Traylor, Shadd Scott, Joseph Woullard, and Sarah Martin.

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