Sustainable positivity manifesto

 Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sustainable positivity manifesto

This is the 21st century, people. Time to get with the program. There is a new mindset in the world today. It is already shaping the 22nd century and beyond. I am a part of the new awareness that is encircling the globe.

First order of business: violence will not be an option in the 22nd century.

Next up: we have got to find love in our lives. We love our families, our friends, our neighbors, our elders. We open ourselves up to love and the universe shows us more than we can imagine. We love people from all countries, all religions, all races. Love is our protection, and in the nonviolent 22nd century love is our only weapon.

We are just discovering how powerful individual will can be. When you pick up an instrument of destruction, you destroy a part of yourself. When you pick up an instrument of peace you are directly contributing to the common good of all humanity.

When you waste energy you are hurting yourself. It is no longer a question of whether only a little bit of energy is being wasted. You might say, "I'll just leave the tv on, it's only using a nickel worth of electricity." Nope. You're either helping or hurting.  It's now a question of whether you are using energy or wasting it.

If your religion tells you to hate, fight or destroy other people, you might want to wake up to reality.  Does it feel right?  Or is just something rotten that's gotten passed down to you through your family, gang, political party or church?  When you hate another person because of what they believe, you're hurting that person, yourself, and the world.  STOP IT !

We of the new consciousness are dedicated to staying healthy. Statistically we have a lower life expectancy than the last generation -- Ultimately the earth cannot support this population. The people we love will eventually die. It is our practice to show others love as much as we can, then let them go peacefully when it is time.

We are commited to responsible choices concerning our environment. I manifest this at every level of awareness, from sorting the recycling to helping choosing leaders who support our global environment.

We are commited to sustaining the personal, local, global and universal benefits of positivity.

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