From the recordings Leaving and Returning, C, The MySpace Years, and 20/20

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I used to come here every day, so i thought it might make sense for me to stay.
So i shed all of my possessions and lived beside the waves, and woke up when the sun rose every day.
The seaweeds grew, the seagulls flew, the warm fronts from the ocean blew, and every night brought dreams that soon came true.

I saw a shadow on the shore, I heard the waves but nothing more.
She never spoke a word to me, she never said her name, but I slowly grew to love her just the same.
And as the hands of time clicked away, I watched her hair fade from black to grey.

Now if I ever miss her, or want to hold her hand, just bury my body in the sand
It's almost like we're closer, it's almost just the same, we're still together and I still don't know her name.

Every time the waves break, the ocean will seem to whisper her name.