From the recordings C, 20/20, and A Stepladder to the Stars

Louis Landry: Lead Vocal, Drum Set and Machines, Harp, Synth Bass, Kettledrum, Gongs, Clavinet, Mellotron, Vocoder, Pocket Piano, Electric Guitar
Mastered by Brent Lambert at The Kitchen


I’ve got a STEPLADDER TO THE STARS/I’ve got a toolkit in the woodshed/it makes me laugh when people say:
i make my own beats/I choose the words that come out of my mouth/I get funky on the keys and make the schedule
I use logic/I use reason/All the tools I use are pro tools/I produce my own productions/I mix my own emotions/I engineer all my engagements/I am the master of my own mastering/I am the author of my own experience
I'm not mad though/I take all of my bravado/and put it into my vibrato
I’ve got a stepladder to the stars/I’ve got a toolkit in the woodshed/I might show you where I keep it/Might even let you borrow it/But you gotta bring it back