December Deals


December Deals
A lot of great deals have been coming my way lately. For example the universe and I agreed to stop hating each other and try to coesxist peacefully. This is the shakiest deal (there have already been minor breaches in the agreement), but potentially the biggest.

Another deal is between me and God. I agreed to go play at a church Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. In return God will pay my rent. To sweeten the deal He also agreed to buy me a Nord NE73.

The State of Texas and I finally hammered out the terms of our deal. I stood against charges of Making Left Turns, Parking the Wrong Way in Front of My House, and Driving a Car Which Pollutes the World and Kills Baby Polar Bears. So it was decided that I will go into the Schools and teach the Children what I know.

Other deals are with people who want to learn to play the various instruments. I show these people how to play and they, in return, pay for my Groceries, Utilities, Phone, Internet, and the Electricity for everything except the fridge.

I truly beleive these are good deals for everyone involved. Me, God, the Universe, Texas, the Electric Company, the Children, are all big winners here.

Last but not least, Shea and I have the best deal there is: We love each other!

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